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Indian spinning industry takes an innovative shift from basic yarn to specialized yarn production

It is a well-known fact that cotton yarn manufacturing constitutes the backbone of the textile industry in India. Yet, many factors in the past few years have unwittingly pushed the spinning industry to a glut situation with over-supply of cotton yarns, in particular. For one, the industry has seen unprecedented investments leading to huge capacity building. Added to this has been unpredictable monsoon which determines the arrival of cotton crops, wavering cotton prices, reduction in […]


“Lincell will have better acceptance in the market than linen in coming years”

With cost cutting to stay competitive being a norm today, effective substitutes or new options to hitherto expensive raw materials is something the apparel industry is aggressively looking at. In regards to fabric blends, there are some interesting options and one of them is lincell which is touted as the best substitute of linen. Lincell has been available in the industry since the last 3½ years and is being offered in India by Sundarams Texventures […]


Danufil® Proshade® revolutionizes the textile industry through partnership with Linz, DyStar and Kelheim

As the leading spinning and weaving company in Europe, Linz Textil GmbH has introduced an innovative yet challenging concept to sell in the Indian market, called the Danufil® Proshade®. Currently, being represented in India by Stuti Exports Pvt. Ltd. which is based in Mumbai, the company has launched an innovative new viscose mélange yarn, which no one has yet ventured in India with. In an exclusive interaction with Apparel Online, the Linz Textil team of […]