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DTG piloting growth in Bangladesh’s apparel industry through the textile engine

As per the data released by Bangladesh Textile Mills Association (BTMA), 0.48 million tonnes of woven fabrics and 92,577 tonnes of knitted fabrics were imported by Bangladesh in FY ’15, as against 0.45 million tonnes and 67,061 tonnes respectively in FY ’14. These statistics clearly indicate the growing demand for fabric as the industry grows, and which cannot be entirely satisfied by the local manufacturers, though spinning and weaving is a growing segment in the […]


Fiji withdraws duty on woven fabrics, trims; Local apparel manufacturers rejoice

Fiji, the South-Pacific nation, has made significant appearances on the global apparel manufacturing landscape in the past one year with the most crucial development being China assuring technical assistance to the Fijian apparel manufacturing sector. The latest development in the Fiji apparel manufacturing sector is even bigger as the country has removed duty on woven fabrics and trims such as buttons and zips in order to help the country produce competitively priced products. Also Read […]