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Review: Garment Technology Exhibition ’16, Bangalore

With over 400 brands displaying cutting-edge solutions for the garment manufacturing industry from IT interventions to attachments and folders, the 23rd edition of Garment Technology Expo held in Bangalore had something for everyone. Visitation came from all major garment exporters and brands that operate from the city, and exhibitors expressed satisfaction at the quality of footfall with many claiming to have received some serious enquiries. The event featured many latest innovations in sewing, printing, embroidering, […]


Garment Technology Expo 2016: Unfurling new and vivid directions

Congregating the world’s best technology providers and the entire spectrum of Indian apparel manufacturers for long, Garment Technology Expo (GTE) has set the momentum for Indian apparel manufacturing industry year after year. Living up to its reputation, GTE 2016 proved its mettle in providing directions for the industry pan-India. Thronged by the exporters as well as domestic market manufacturers, and small-scale suppliers as well as representatives from big names of the industry, insights into market […]