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Omius unveils next-gen ‘robo-jacket’

US start-up Omius has used state-of-the-art robotics and artificial intelligence into garments to create a next generation jacket that automatically changes its thermal protection to the wearer’s fluctuating body temperature during changeable weather or varied physical activity. It has already carried out extensive testing of the jacket with the help of cyclists, runners, skiers and other athletes. Synchronizing with the wearer’s body, the nature-inspired jacket features a ventilation system based on plants using microscopic holes […]


First-ever laundry sorting and folding ‘bot’ is here!

Tokyo-based Seven Dreamers has developed Laundroid – the world’s first laundry sorting and folding robot which will go on sale next year, announced the manufacturer at the Ceatec Electronics Show held near Tokyo, Japan. Laundroid is of the size of a large refrigerator and has a pull-out drawer near its base where unsorted clothes can be thrown in. A robot inside the device picks up each item of clothing and analyses image with artificial intelligence […]


Texprocess Americas 2016: Future being paved for Robotics

IoT (Internet of Things) and Robotics are being advocated as the next big thing in personal lives and professional environments as well. IoT will enable machines to be run, managed and maintained remotely in real time Definitive industrial-scale solutions along these lines are already available. However, robotics is an intriguing possibility due to the speculated limitations of a robotic interface when it comes to understanding the sensation of touch and counter flexible material. At the […]

June 30, 2016


Robots to take over apparel making in future

That day isn’t not far away, when apparel factories across the world would have robots working in their production lines, and achieving higher precision and productivity. Atlanta-based textile equipment manufacturer SoftWear Automation Inc has already started working in this direction, and plans to commercially launch automatic sewing machines and LOWRY, a lightweight robot used in fabric handling, pick and place operations, and direct sewing, by 2026. Futuristic technology like installing robots in production lines emerged […]