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Mercury Fabrics: GenNext takes the branding route for growth

Though the textile industry is one of the largest employment generators in India, but there are not many who venture into it as a chosen path of future career development. And even at a time when businesses seem to be expanding and many stalwarts are looking to give way to the second or third generation, the young inheritors prefer to choose their own business path which is far from textiles. In times such as these, […]


Mercury Fabrics: Providing high-quality knitted fabrics through a technically-equipped setup

Being one of the largest knitted fabric manufacturers in India, Mercury Fabrics is a significant supplier to many leading fashion labels of the world including H&M, C&A, M&S, etc. A fully furbished R&D lab accredited and approved by leading international fashion labels together with the best of technology from around the world like Italy, Japan, Germany and Korea, and teamed up with lean manufacturing processes, enables Mercury to deliver unmatched quality and high-value products. In […]


DTG piloting growth in Bangladesh’s apparel industry through the textile engine

As per the data released by Bangladesh Textile Mills Association (BTMA), 0.48 million tonnes of woven fabrics and 92,577 tonnes of knitted fabrics were imported by Bangladesh in FY ’15, as against 0.45 million tonnes and 67,061 tonnes respectively in FY ’14. These statistics clearly indicate the growing demand for fabric as the industry grows, and which cannot be entirely satisfied by the local manufacturers, though spinning and weaving is a growing segment in the […]