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Circular knitting machines making pace with the industry needs…

India’s export of knitted items to US and EU markets noted a surge of 4 per cent and 10 per cent, respectively, in the FY ’14-15 and the surge continued in FY ’15-16 as well. Ludhiana, Tirupur and Delhi-NCR are the few names in knitting hubs in India that are growing at a fast pace but have still not reached the potential to achieve excellence in terms of high production and automation. In a market […]


Review: 14th Knit-Tech

“Largely unaffected by demonetization, the last six months have indeed been very good for Tirupur, and which should continue for one or two years more. This is because a lot of work has been shifted from other countries, and most of this work has gone to Tirupur. Basically, garmenting is a volume trade and there is nothing better than knits for volumes. Also, exports of knitted garments are growing from India, and Tirupur exporters are […]