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Vietnam explores opportunities in denim with the first ever denim show in the country

A country that has really captured the attention of the global apparel trade in the last one year, Vietnam registered exports worth US $ 27 billion in 2015 with target to cross US $ 30 billion in 2016! The amazing growth story of Vietnam is supported by many factors working to its advantage from a very disciplined and productive workforce to the adaptability and flexibility of production units to do small runs and complicated styles. […]


Kanti Nagar: The underbelly of jeans manufacturing for domestic market

In August 2013, Team StitchWorld unearthed Gandhi Nagar – a colony in East Delhi – as the hotbed of manufacturing jeans for the domestic market. In those times, the quantities being produced out of these units were at par with denims exported from Bangladesh. The story unveiled that in the maze of lanes and by-lanes, each lane specialized in a certain operation and the entire locality was one massive assembly line. Today, the real estate […]