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Aquarelle standardizing systems across the globe

A foreign company by origin, but an Indian company by team, Bangalore based Aquarelle is a benchmark example of how to run a global company using standardised procedures and processes. The casual wear division of CIEL Textile Group, Mauritius, Aquarelle has even standardized the machines used on the production floor across all factory locations along with their model numbers and brands, according to the operations. The company believes in presenting a global face and it […]


New Textile & Apparel Policy of Jharkhand makes the region more competitive than Bangladesh on wages

Time and again it has been questioned as to why India has not been able to develop the garment export industry the way Bangladesh has, though there is an abundance of labour looking for meaningful employment in the country. There is perhaps no real answer to the puzzle, except that the Governments both at the centre and the states have never considered the industry when making policies or promoting their states for investment as it […]


Aquarelle getting the best out of India with clear ‘glocal’ strategy

The Indian garment manufacturing industry has never been a hot bed for investment by foreign enterprises and there are very few success stories to emulate. Yet, Aquarelle the casual shirts division of the Mauritius-based CIEL Textile Group (Apparel Division) which has 20 factories located in four countries – Mauritius, Madagascar, India and Bangladesh, is a growing company which is proud to be Indian by team but international in its functioning. The Team of Apparel Online […]


57th India International Garment Fair: Spring/Summer 2017 collections attract buyers

Most of the buyers, many of whom are regular visitors seemed satisfied with the displayed products though many did suggest that Indian apparel exporters need to work more on product development and cost competitiveness. Kathreyn of Guru, Canada and a regular visitor to the IIGF, said that exporters need to be truly committed when it comes to delivery time as she has experienced delays in recent years. Many of the new buyers at the event were spending […]