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Focus Garment Tech introduces automatic machines for lingerie industry

The intimate wear industry in India has come a long way and there is a growing demand for automation due to lack of labour and other labour-related issues in the country. With the aim to cater to these growing requirements of the market, Focus Garment Tech Pte Ltd. has introduced automatic machines for lingerie industry. “We constantly come up with something new and different and this time we’ve brought automation for the knits segment, basically […]

December 31, 2016


Tukatech now accessible to professionals on Cloud!

“We have been labelled as disruptive technology. More than ever now is the time that we feel that the change is too rapid, unlike 10 years ago, when the change happened over a period of time but was not really measurable and there was time to react. These days, you are just dealt with surprises and you have to constantly revamp your process to keep up,” stated Ram Sareen, Founder, Tukatech, in a conversation with […]

December 28, 2016


Wilcom: Leaders in embroidery software focusing on Indian market

With a vision of automating the embroidery industry, Wilcom, a global organization headquartered in Sydney, Australia, has led the industry with ongoing innovations that push the boundaries of creativity in personalized expressions and apparel decoration. With presence in over 100 countries and a global community of more than 250,000 licensed customers, Wilcom’s embroidery software is easy-to-use and is a quality product. With the growing market for rich Indian designs and embroidery, Wilcom has shifted its focus to […]


IMA celebrates four decades of providing cutting room solutions

IMA is celebrating 40 years of its cutting rooms solutions in the industry. The company has seen a 360-degree change in the mindset of the Indian apparel industry from being resistant to technology in the cutting room due to long ROI period and feasibility of the machinery, to being open towards automation. Manufacturing companies now are so upfront on cutting room solutions that they prefer to set-up a complete cutting line in their factories rather than […]


Lectra on a mission to educate industry about high-end technology

It is a common perception in the apparel industry that efficiency in production can be increased only with automation. But, the exceptional growth in technology has convinced the industry that merely upgrading to automation does not address to business goals. The need of the hour is to understand the needs to get the best out of the existing machinery and automate once they are being used to the optimum level. To aid this continuous evolution […]


TYPICAL happy with acceptance of X-Feed Machines in Indian market

Calculation of the operator efficiency is undoubtedly the key for perfect and on-time production but doing the same manually every hour of the shift is a tedious job. To counter the same, TYPICAL has a mobile application for all its sewing machines. The free-of-cost mobile application currently runs only on Android platform and has a QR code scanner. Once the machines are scanned using the QR code, the machine details are specified in the application […]

October 29, 2016


Alps Sewing Machines automating embroidery

Value addition is the key strength of Indian garment manufacturers and adding them to deliver fresh and fast value addition concepts, Alps Sewing Machines provides the industry with varied automated embroidery machines suitable not only for big manufacturing units but also for smaller units. At their booth, Alps showcased the HUSQVARNA VIKING range of embroidery machines that come with a touchscreen panel running on the iOS platform. The Designer Epic model of the range claims to be the world’s […]


Xcel Stiro’s PERC dry-cleaning machine getting good response from industry

Perchloroethylene (PERC) is the most commonly used dry-cleaning solvent in the garment industry to clean delicate fabrics and eliminate intensive hand washing of garments, however it has been allegedly claimed to be ‘carcinogenic’. While it is banned in many developed countries like USA, the PERC dry-cleaning machinery manufacturers for the export- intensive garment industry are facing no drop in demand as of now and don’t expect to face any real challenge any time soon as […]


Tolkar brings their laundry machines to India

With claims of saving water, heating energy and chemicals by up to 50 per cent of the current usage, Tolkar, manufacturers of textile processing and commercial laundry machines, brings to India their garment dyeing and washer-extractor machines, keeping in mind the price-sensitivity mindset and environmental restrictions in the country. Present at the recently concluded GTE Bangalore 2016, Gokhan Alagoz, Sales Executive, Tolkar Industrial Laundry & Garment Finishing Machinery, elaborated on the advantages of their front-loading Smartex Miracle machine which […]

October 18, 2016


Customized hanger systems from INA

‘Smart’ factory of today is the one that has a fully integrated production chain, linking all the data for the group’s garment production, from cutting, sewing, ironing to warehouse storage. As a trusted engineer for IoT and whole-plant planning solutions, INA assists garment manufacturing enterprises with material handling solutions in order to make it a ‘smart’ factory. Rising cost of production, strong interest in automated production equipment and demand for better production technology are attracting […]


Krishna Lamicoat taking steps to make cutting rooms sustainable and cost-effective

Though most of the companies represent international brands, one company that stands out as a true representative of the ‘Make in India’ movement is Krishna Lamicoat. The company is known for its specialty papers and films for use in cutting room. It has built a new range of underlay and perforated paper, which not only increases the speed of cutting operations but also saves the cost on paper. Taking the sustainability route, the company has […]

October 16, 2016


Rotondi giving the garments their final finish with A.T.E. in India

Any garment gets its clean-cut look only once it goes through the finishing process, which comprises of washing, pressing, extra thread-cutting and seam setting. Rotondi, an Italian brand takes care of a factory’s finishing machinery needs by providing garment-specific pressing technology. Exhibiting at the fair, Rotondi updated visitors on their latest technologies and how the company is working to set-up service providers in India. “The company’s existing customers are happy with the machine’s performance, but […]


Needles and Elements adding speed to process of value addition

Bringing mechanization and hence speed to the workforce-oriented apparel manufacturing industry, Rajiv Jain, Director of Needles and Elements was very upbeat on the possibilities of automation in value addition operations in apparel and accessory products at the recently held GTE Bangalore 2016. The chief attraction displayed by the company was the Rhinestone Setting Machine by NC Korea (H14C), a fully automated machine that lets the user create, edit and change the size of design as […]


Sakho de-skilling preparatory operations

Bangalore-based Sakho Technocraft Pvt. Ltd., specializing in automated garment machinery and various special attachments, displayed their high-speed, updated button feeder machine, auto-jig machine and button wrapping & knotting machine at the GTE 2016. The machines by Sakho promote de-skilling as they come equipped with folders and special attachments which do not require much training. All machines are capable of speeding up production efficiency. The button feeder attachment works at the rate of 1,500-1,600 buttons in an […]

October 14, 2016


Optitex gets business boost with takeover by EFI

“We look at our acquisition by EFI as a strategic step for both the companies. This will aid Optitex in providing end-to-end solutions to the apparel industry and deliver complete solutions by next year. The company is seeing good growth and in last year it registered 50 per cent growth in volume. We are the leaders in 3D and all the major domestic players like Madura and Arvind are already working with us,” reveals M. Sridharan, General […]

October 13, 2016