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Cosmo Group riding high on new narrow fabric unit

One of the fastest growing segments in the garment industry today, the accessories and packaging sector, has experienced an average growth of around 20 per cent year-on-year for the last decade. The players in the segment are geared up to support the country’s ambitious target of reaching US $ 50 billion by 2020 in garment exports. The concentration is on filling the gaps to ensure that all types of accessories are made available within the […]


YKK develops super lightweight aluminium slider

The YKK Group, world’s largest zipper manufacturer has developed a super lightweight aluminium slider, reducing the weight of its Lumina zipper by 50 per cent, along with the latest fastening solution. The Lumina zipper range by YKK comprises of aluminium alloy elements and is known as the ‘lightweight’ series. According to YKK, the zipper is strong enough to fit a large size twelve chain, yet durable and light enough to complement a diverse range of […]