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Wintex Resources geared up for another positive year with cutting solutions from FK Group

Uplifting the number of installations of Super Jeans cutter and spreader, an amalgamation of German technology and Italian precision by FK Group, from 40 last year to nearly100 installations currently, Wintex Resources has achieved an upbeat result in terms of market and competitiveness. “Out of 100 installations, many of them are complete cutting room solutions for denim and knit. We are now the top-rated supplier in the country. Market for automated cutting room solutions is […]


Wintex Resources Ltd. ready for another good year with innovation and effective after-sales support

Wintex Resources, one of the fastest growing technology solution providers for garments and textile industries, and a channel partner of FK Group cutting solutions, claims to have had a dream run in 2015 with more than 30 installations in Bangladesh, which includes replacing machines from its European, American and other competitors. “The credit goes to our synergized force of German progressive technology and Italian precision. FK cutters consume just 5.9 kW power and have a […]