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Home Furnishing players digging deeper into domestic market

One can call it convergence for the Indian home furnishing companies as the difference of 100 per cent EOUs (export-oriented units) and domestic units is becoming narrower by the day and majority of the exporters are already in the domestic market or moving towards it as a survival tool or to maintain their growth level. The recently organized Heimtextil in Delhi too had many players focusing on catching the domestic buyers, along with few overseas buyers. […]


Go Go International launches new brand ‘Antigravity’

Most of the apparel exporters are now getting into domestic market also, no matter how big or small, direct or indirect the intervention is, among them there are a few who have entered the domestic market with long-term vision looking at it as another area of sustainable growth. Go Go International, Bangalore having workforce of more than 3,000 people and doing an annual business of almost US $ 30.76 million (Rs. 200 crore) has launched […]