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Texcess International working towards popularizing Indigo

Lagging behind only China, USA and Italy, Bangladesh’s position in the US $ 60 billion denim market is quite significant. It holds 22.88% share in EU and 11.35% in USA markets, and has witnessed a growth of 11.16% globally since FY 2009-2014. Adding to this is the gradual shift of work orders from China owing to increased production costs and manpower shortage, resulting in mushrooming of production units specialized in denim offerings in the country. […]


Futura Corporation offers complete ‘sourcing package’ from raw materials to end-products

Bangladesh has many buying offices and sourcing agencies but Dhaka-based buying house Futura Corporation is not any run-of-the-mill sourcing agency. Helmed by M. N. Kabir as the CEO, the US $ 3.5 million Futura Corporation’s very unique business model is what distinguishes it from the rest. Kabir identifies and procures the right fabric for his buyer and then develops the right garments as part of his unique sourcing model and subsequently takes the orders based […]


Jamuna Group targeting to become largest integrated denim facility in Asia

The US $ 60 billion worth global denim jeans market attracts many companies to get a piece of it, and Jamuna Group, though one of the biggest vertically-integrated companies in Bangladesh with large capacities across the value chain from spinning to garmenting and washing, is set to upscale its capacities across the chain. Sumaiya Rozalin Islam, Director of the company is confident that denim has a lot of potential and Bangladesh has the wherewithal to […]


Review: Bangladesh

From exclusive and eco-friendly fabric production to presenting out-of-the-box, one-stop sourcing solutions, denim business in Bangladesh is aptly living up to its label of ‘Global DENIM Capital’. In the Denim Business section, we give you an insight of the country’s latest denim endeavours through our four select and informative write-ups. The reasons for the phenomenal growth of the denim industry in Bangladesh are multiple, from its hardworking focused group of companies to the willingness of […]