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Prime Asia “A vision for future is what we are looking at”

Recalling the firms from couple of years ago when people were not really considering much to imbibe automation on the sewing floor, K. M. Asib Reza, MD, Prime Asia Limited focuses on how now the customers are placing orders for automation systems for the whole factory. “The companies are now ready to invest in automation, as it basically reduces the handling time and directly contributes to the efficiency of the workers, which nearly improves 30-40% […]


Automation to affect 7 million retail jobs in US: Study

Nearly 7 million retail jobs might go out of existence in next 10 years in the US due to the rising automation in retail industry. This is what the study ‘Retail Automation: Stranded Workers? Opportunities and Risks for Labor and Automation’ by Cornerstone Capital Group indicates. Of the 30 retail companies analysed and examined in this report, most are considering the use of in-store technology such as mobile devices, self-checkout, digital kiosks and proximity beacons. […]


SoftWear Automation joins hands with industry stalwart Dr. Mike Fralix

SoftWear Automation Inc., a US-based machine-vision robotics firm, has brought on board Dr. Mike Fralix’s industry experience which clearly demonstrates SoftWear Automation’s continuing focus on creating and expanding autonomous Sewbot™ worklines for the sewn products industry. Fralix will be working with the SoftWear as a Technology Evangelist. With decades of experience in apparel manufacturing, Fralix will establish SoftWear’s Sewbots™ onto the factory floor while helping to identify key partners that will support and enable more local manufacturing. […]


Turel Group: Automation the way forward for Indian Industry

An organization that stands for reliability, quality and technology in the field of fabric designing, cutting, sewing, CAD/CAM and finishing, Turel Group of companies have been dedicatedly delivering automation combined with the flexibility to meet challenges not just in the international market, but also in domestic arena. Over the years, the company has grown into a reliable one-stop shop for garment engineering machineries and solutions, while analysing the customer’s specific needs and offering them a […]


Konica Minolta exhibits digital manufacturing solutions at Hannover Messe ’17

Japan-based pioneer in providing imaging and networking technologies solutions, Konica Minolta, participated at the recently held Hannover Messe, the world’s largest industrial fair specializing in manufacturing technology, in Germany, for the first time and showcased its new Digital Manufacturing solutions. According to the company, digital manufacturing is a way to combine proprietary technology and ICT (Information and Communication Technology) to analyse, accumulate and share a variety of data in the manufacturing process. By utilizing data from […]


Vietnam ready for an ‘automatic’ shift in technology

The Vietnam industry is moving to imbibe greater automation, compelling machine manufacturers to beeline for the country hoping to get a bigger share of the growing business. Among the growing number of such machine providers are many Chinese companies like Euromac, MAQI, Ngai Shing and Hikari. According to a recent report by the International Labour Organisation (ILO), as many as 86 per cent of workers in the garment-textiles and leather-footwear industries worldwide may face unemployment […]


Gerber to host traveling technology shows in US to promote digitization

Gerber Technology, the world leader in integrated software and automation solutions for the apparel market, is going to host industry’s first traveling technology showcase – Roadshow West in New York on 24th February and Roadshow East in San Francisco, USA on 28th February that will help attendees discover digital technology to maximize profitability, promote collaboration and accelerate time to market. The highlights of the roadshows include Digitization in FashionTech – key trends and how to compete in […]


Vision Sewing: A Technology with a Future

Sewing involves complex tasks of manipulating the fabric, the material and its orientation through an industrial sewing machine. The sewing process may involve one or more than one ply. Sewing decorative patterns or attaching patches, appliqués requires movement of fabrics in x-y coordinate in respect to needle point. The pattern tacking (earlier called x-y tacker) cyclic sewing machine, which has clamp feed for fabric movement, is an example of the same. Joining more than one […]


American university to develop robots for advanced manufacturing

Clemson University (CU) has collaborated with Advanced Robotics Manufacturing (ARM) Institute, a robotics institute affiliated with Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) to develop next-generation robots for advanced manufacturing across textile industries. Funded by United States Department of Defence (DOD) to develop, demonstrate and facilitate early adoption of novel robotic solutions, the institute has received US $ 80 million from the DOD and the remaining US $ 173 million from partner organizations. The DOD has awarded US $ 250 million to […]


The Race for Automation…

The data by the International Textile Manufacturers Federation shows that the global shipments of electronic flat knitting machines (used in fully-fashioned sweater production) were up by 31 per cent in 2014, of which 85 per cent made their way to Asia. If China grabbed a major share of the total shipment to Asia (accounting for 42 per cent), Bangladesh came a close second followed by Vietnam in third. According to Shima Seiki, around 8,000 machines […]


Robots, a mighty challenge for Vietnamese garment workers

According to a recent report released by International Labour organization (ILO), workers in Vietnam’s two major and growing production sectors – garments and electronics – are at risk. The study found that 86 per cent of garment workers are facing increased automation and could be replaced by robots in the coming decades. The two sectors provide the country’s key exports and account for around 40 per cent of the nation’s manufacturing jobs, but productivity and the application […]


HSM announces purchase of Atlanta Attachment Company

HSM, a global manufacturer of integrated solutions and highly engineered products and components for furniture, bedding, and transportation industries, has announced the purchase of Atlanta Attachment Company and its subsidiaries. Atlanta Attachment Company will become HSM’s fourth operating division and maintain its Georgia facility. Elvin Price, Founder and Chairman, Atlanta Attachment Company commented, “Our relationship with HSM has grown for many years and this transaction will enable Atlanta Attachment Company (AAC) to further support our […]


Technology, service and solutions: A complete package from Eastman Technocrafts

Aligning with the right partners, targeting value for money technology and responding to the needs of the industry – are the foundation stones on which Eastman Technocrafts has been built. Over the last 30 years that the company has been providing technology solutions to the garment industry in Bangladesh, it has built a formidable reputation of always keeping the customer first. “My aim is to keep my customers smiling and for that I am constantly […]


Making mattress production easier with automation…

Mattresses of today have traversed a long journey – from just comfort to fitness and now to even ‘appeal’… However, in all cases, the outer covering is invariably quilted with a backing material to give it a decorative look and fluffy feel. The US $ 24.70 billion market for mattress is expected to grow at a CAGR of 6.5 per cent in the period 2016-2024, and Asia-Pacific mattress market, in particular, is expected to witness […]

November 24, 2016


Panipat business affected by global market slowdown

Most of the home furnishing hubs of India are facing the heat of the slowdown in the international markets and which has been the condition for the last few years. The companies which are totally into export are more affected, but those that are into domestic business suffered as well. Panipat, which is equally strong in domestic as well as export market, too is facing a similar situation. Yet, there are some upfront companies which […]

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