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Industry feelers @ GTE’17: Industry is sceptical…, But determined to move forward

Analysing the mood of the industry, it seems that positivism is missing and players are waiting for greater clarity on global situation before taking any decision about the way forward. Yet, technology providers are confident and investments are happening. Despite the mixed state of mind, garment manufacturers across the country – both exporters as well as domestic, small as well as top manufacturers – are moving forward with some expansions, productivity improvement and cost cutting. […]


Buying houses want to work with Jaipur, but…

In last edition of Apparel Online, we highlighted reasons why none of the apparel exporters of Jaipur has achieved the magical turnover of Rs. 100 crore. One of the main reasons according to the industry is that top buying houses do not prefer to work with Jaipur and in fact many have actually said ‘no’ to offers that would allow them the advantage of price. Responding to this article, some of the Gurgaon-based buying houses […]


Review: 14th Knit-Tech

“Largely unaffected by demonetization, the last six months have indeed been very good for Tirupur, and which should continue for one or two years more. This is because a lot of work has been shifted from other countries, and most of this work has gone to Tirupur. Basically, garmenting is a volume trade and there is nothing better than knits for volumes. Also, exports of knitted garments are growing from India, and Tirupur exporters are […]


Woman Power… Into the Minds of Women Leaders of the Industry

What does it take to be at the top of one’s game…? Hard work, determination, skills, perseverance to keep going and much more if you are a woman… 18 women associated with the apparel industry give an insight on their journey, their motivations, their struggles and milestones that make them what they are… LEADERS! “Whole-self authenticity and transparency, and being ‘you’ is sustainable”. Few Words For Victory Perseverance and hard work are undoubtedly the requisites […]


Exporters getting value by working with wholesalers/importers

Since last few years, as market conditions have become more difficult, many of the Indian apparel exporters are just focusing on one agenda, ‘machines chalti rehnee chaahiyen’ – machines should not remain idle. And this is one of the main reasons that most of the exporters are working with wholesalers and importers as they have better orders than individual retailers since they are further associated with many retailers/stores. But it is certainly not a cakewalk […]


Thai apparel exporter selects Fast React’s Evolve

Nice Group, Thailand’s largest apparel exporter for the past 10 years, has opted for Fast React’s “Evolve” manufacturing planning system to support its Lean approach and reduce lead time. Evolve is a highly visual capacity planning and management tool, developed specifically to enable fashion manufacturer to achieve a whole new level of visibility, efficiency and control. “We chose Fast React as our partner because their solution is well-known and widely proven, and their team has […]


AO Investigation: Why Jaipur exporters are struggling to even reach Rs. 100 crore-mark?

Some years ago, one well-known Jaipur-based exporter having 3 factories, approached Tesco, H&M and few other such top brands/stores to work with his factories. The factories were even certified but after all this, the top brands refused to work with this Jaipur exporter without specifying the reason, even though the rates offered by the exporter were impressively less from those being offered by exporters in Delhi-NCR. Not the one to be disheartened, the exporter then approached […]


Artistic Fabric & Garment Industries (Pakistan) gets LEED Gold Certification

Karachi, Pakistan-based mill Artistic Fabric and Garment Industries (AFGI) has announced that its state-of-the-art denim factories are now LEED Gold certified through the Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design programme of United State Green Building Council (USGBC). AFGI’s units scored the highest rating points in Pakistan under USGBC’s sustainability parameters. According to the manufacturer, part of the sustainability approaches not only the facilities, but also include reducing water and chemical usage, green garment finishes and […]


Wholesalers/importers looking for very wide range of products

These are some of the common statements that small- and medium-level exporters, who are mostly working with wholesalers/importers, give when questioned about their product capabilities… But are these statements really true; and are buyers happy with the products available with the Indian exporters, is another story altogether. Of course, there are also many companies that are doing only niche products from day 1 and wish to continue with the same as they are enjoying the edge […]


Bottoms – A scene in contrast!

Even as most of the medium-level bottoms manufacturers are struggling to keep afloat, others are constructing new and green facilities for bottoms/trousers/denims. So what is it – the motivation or the push – for these players to enter into bottoms manufacturing, and how do they plan to face the challenges that have already created issues for others. Apparel Online tried to figure this out in discussion with four RMG exporters. Some of the small factories […]


AEPC Export Awards recognizes excellence across various turnover groups

Even though Apparel Export Promotion Council (AEPC) Awards for excellence in export performance in apparel sector took place after a gap of two years, the industry was highly appreciative of the new format which allowed many smaller exporters to be recognized for their hard work. The event saw established stalwarts share the platform with many lesser known or emerging companies. 21 apparel exporters from across the nation were awarded for their performance during the FY […]

January 31, 2017


Fair Review Vastra, Jaipur: Failure, once again!

Completing 5 years of its journey, Vastra 2016, a Jaipur-based international textile and apparel sourcing fair, organized by RIICO and FICCI, once again disappointed most of its exhibitors – apparel exporters of Jaipur and some from across India. Sources shared with Apparel Online that since funds were not approved, organizers did not offer air tickets to the overseas buyers, which was one of the biggest reasons that this time less foreign buyers were seen at […]


Fabric manipulation beyond the usual is the new ornamentation

From the daring to the demure, fabric manipulation techniques make garments into one-of-a-kind piece of art, which includes various techniques that reshapes the surface of the material by creating 3-dimensional patterns on the garments. There are many variations of fabric manipulation, the main types being: pleating, gathering, wrinkling and smocking. This time, ornamentation through fabrics was given major importance whether you lean toward the intricate masterpieces shown by Esteban Cortazar and Junya Watanbe or the […]


US and South American markets looking up…

Indications from both the exporters and the buying offices confirm that though business in the US is on stable ground, and according to some even on the rise, working in Europe is a challenge today. As the Euro continues to remain weak and pound in particular takes a beating, exporters working in the EU are on shaky ground. In the meanwhile, the UK has been stripped of its top credit rating by Standard & Poor’s, […]


Small- and Middle-level exporters create strategy around product strength to grow

The industry as a whole is working strategically to stay competitive, but the struggle for survival in the case of the small- to medium-level exporters, doing business from around Rs. 2 crore to Rs. 25 crore is much more intense today. These exporters prefer to work directly with the buyers for fast decision making and are sceptical of working through buying offices, interestingly many of them share very cordial and family-like relations with their overseas […]

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