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Finding the right source for a specific apparel product…, a technique, fabric or even a trim is not always easy… With enormous information available on the web, it makes it even more difficult to get to the specific information, and to the right fit…
You have already wasted several days to identify the source, remaining clueless at times, but still are unsure if the company identified is the right one which will satisfy your needs… But not anymore…!
We at apparelresources.com with over 20 years of experience in the field – serving buyers, brands and retailers – can be of immense help to you in identifying the right source for your specific needs. Visit our website and post your enquiries…
Apparel Resources has just began on its digital platform, a section called ‘Looking For’! wherein we will put your need(s) on the platform for the vendors in India and Bangladesh to respond… In support, we have a huge database of around 20,000 companies, all vetted and verified, to address your requements and satisfy you with quantity and on-time delivery…
Now what are you waiting for… register at apparelresources.com

Database of 1,00,000 Suppliers across 14 Product categories from India, Bangladesh, China, Indonesia, Pakistan, Combodia, Vietnam, Sri Lanka.