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Sports is what keeps us Active (mentally and physically), Agile (flexible to the issues) and Aware (to worldwide events), and GOLF is one such sport that also keeps us Ahead in business.
Apparel Resources provides a business networking platform for all the golfers of the industry. Register below, and we will keep you posted on all the business networking golf events for the industry organized by Apparel Resources.


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Some of our Registered Golfers

Abul Kalam Azad
Executive Director, Style Creator

“Thank you for arranging such a nice and well-managed ‘Golf Day’, we enjoyed a lot. I love the whole idea and the way Apparel Resources has designed and managed the event.”

Brig. Gen. G M Quamrul Islam
MD, Elegant Team Development

“It was great golfing together and hoping that we will be playing again very soon. Thanks Apparel Resources for a wonderful experience.”

Robert Jarvis
Chief Marketing Officer, SQ Celsius Limited

“Next time I am sure that the event will be even bigger as the message will travel fast and attract many more golfers from the RMG sector.”